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Experts in DPF problems, accredited by The DPF Doctor

80% of DPF's do not require a clean. We will find the route cause of your DPF faults. Cleaning a DPF without knowing the route cause is just throwing money away. We are Ireland's no. 1 DPF specialist's with accreditation by The DPF Doctor.

Through our assessment we:
*Inform you of exactly what work is required, no guesswork
*Carry out the necessary repairs
*If required, we will perform our 3 Stage in-situ DPF clean
*Confirm the repair by analysing engine data
*Offer helpful advice about looking after your DPF
*We aim to provide a first-time fix every time.

Contact our us for all your DPF related faults.

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DPF Explanation 

A diesel particulate filter, DPF, has the appearance of a catalytic converter and cleans out soot particles from exhaust fumes resulting in cleaner emissions from diesel vehicles.

As you use your car, carbon particles become trapped inside your car’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The build-up of these carbon particles means your car loses its ability to filter soot out efficiently and subsequently you will end up with a blocked DP Filter.

Eventually, all DPFs will become clogged, when this happens will depend on the use and age of your vehicle, but until technology improves it will happen to all engines. Most diesel passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles built after 2005 will have a diesel particle filter, with some models including Citroen and Fiat having installed them from as early as 2001.

Problems which may occur 

A blocked DPF can cause serious and expensive damage to other engine components and requires a DPF expert to sort out the problem (Cummins Repairs and Tyres). In addition to this a blocked DPF filter can also lead to the exhaust overheating, and this is a serious fire hazard.

To prevent any potential vehicle engine fire, many modern vehicles go into ‘limp mode’, supplying the car with very minimal power.

If your car goes into limp mode or you notice that your DPF warning light or anti-pollutant warning light has come on it should not be ignored and you should seek professional advice straight away.

If you are not sure what these warning lights look like, below are some images of how they appear on the dashboard of most modern vehicles.
anti pollution.jpg
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